Top Reasons to Choose Perpetual Plaques for Your Awards and Recognition Program

Perpetual Plaques vs. Traditional Plaques

Perpetual plaques (multi-plate plaques) have been used by organizations of all types for decades for periodic and ongoing recognition over time. They are generally displayed to recognize the contributions of staff, donors, and customers with “Employee of the Month” being one of the most common uses.

While traditional perpetual plaques serve a great purpose, they have remained somewhat unchanged in appearance and are generally some versions of a dark wood plaque with multiple gold or silver engravable plates. In addition to lacking “personality”, there are some common issues that come with modern traditional plaques:

  • It takes time to take the plaque to the trophy store to get it updated
  • There is a cost to have the plates engraved each time
  • Inconsistencies in the font, size, etc. can occur from one plate to the next
  • Taking the plaque down, transporting it and having it engraved can result in damage

With over 35 years in the award and trophy industry, we know that there are a variety of ways that organizations can recognize their employees and a multitude of reasons to do so. We also know that there are challenges they face when trying to find the best way to acknowledge their accomplishments and the most meaningful way to deliver the message of appreciation. Do you give them an award? Hand them a gift card? Write and sign a card? Buy them lunch? Host a celebration? What about the time and cost involved to create and maintain your award and recognition programs? What if you are a small business that needs to stay within a budget?

With so many factors, it can be overwhelming enough to make you want to give up before you even start. We urge you not to throw in the towel yet because PlaqueMagic has the solution for all your recognition needs!

Custom Designed Trophies and Awards: DIY Plaques

Plaque Sizes

At PlaqueMagic, we have given the old classic a “recognition refresh”, while simultaneously solving some of the problems associated with perpetual plaques. Our multi-plate plaques come in a variety of different sizes and numbers of plates. Known for being vibrant and visually stunning, they are unlike anything most people have seen before. The array of themed and general design backgrounds is perfect for any occasion and every setting. From coffee shops to corporate offices, they will look great displayed everywhere and anywhere. Furthermore, you can add your logo, embellishments, text, and more for endless personalization and customization possibilities, making your PlaqueMagic truly one-of-a-kind.

We provide you with all the resources you need to implement and maintain your recognition program over time. You can update your plaque right from the comfort of your home or office with a printer; there is no need to go elsewhere to get it engraved. In turn, you save time, energy, and money, and you have a beautiful plaque your honored recipients will be proud to have their names on.

Whether you are the one overseeing your formal recognition program at your company or simply looking for new and exciting ways to encourage and motivate your team, we can help. With our innovative, one-of-a-kind DIY perpetual award plaques, you don’t have to worry about how to recognize your people and you will have a memorable way to convey your gratitude to your recipients. Plus, we’ve tackled the common issues when it comes to starting your program and keeping it going:

  • We offer nearly 200 backgrounds in over 20 popular categories, so we have something for everyone in every industry: from the coffee shop to the corporate office, at the school or in the senior center, and everywhere in between.
  • Our digital graphics are reproduced with photo-lab quality dye sublimation inks, making for a vivid, visually remarkable plaque that will catch everyone’s eye and have them talking.
  • PlaqueMagic plaques can be customized with a title, text, logos, and more of your choice to reflect your brand, your theme, your message, and your people. We also offer optional embellishments and add-ons for further personalization.
  • PlaqueMagic DIY kits are cost-effective as you don’t have to pay to have it engraved each time it needs to be updated, allowing for instant recognition.
  • You don’t have to take time out of your workday or workweek with trips back and forth to the trophy store for engravings.
  • Our perpetual plaques are simple to use, hang up, or maintain. You don’t need to be in a state of creativity or inspiration to design a plaque; we have many customizable templates available. As long as you have a printer on hand, you can create the perfect PlaqueMagic plaque for your organization!
  • We provide the option to upgrade to a PlaqueMagic Recognition System, so you can give each of your winners and award recipients a personalized plaque of their own!

Easily display employee achievements, showcase company accomplishments, applaud milestones and so much more. The options are limitless and endless with PlaqueMagic!

Inexpensive Awards and Trophies with Our Affordable Perpetual Plaques

Not only are PlaqueMagic’s perpetual plaques cost-effective and convenient, but they also look impressive and are sure to make people feel good. You don’t have to invest a lot of time or money to uplift your team, impact your bottom line, or publicly recognize your valued staff, employees, staff, donors, customers, and anyone in between. Providing meaningful and memorable recognition has never been easier with PlaqueMagic. Check out our library of popular categories and get started creating your one-of-a-kind recognition plaque that reflects your brand, your message, your vision, and your community!

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