Firefighter Thin Red


A plaque for our brave and heroic fire fighters that can be used for recognition, acknowledgment or achievement.

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  • Suggested Title Ideas: Fire Fighter of the Month, Excellence in Safety, Years of Service, Difference Maker Award, Honor Our Fallen Heroes.
  • Traditional Title Ideas : Employee of the Month , Years of Service Recognition, Salesperson of the Month,  Best of the Best, Volunteer of the Month, Caregiver of the Month, MVP of the Month, Customer Service Star of Month, Excellence in Safety Award, Rookie of the Month, Lifetime Achievement Award, Leadership Award, Most Improved Team Member, Million Dollar Club, etc.
  • Fully Customizable for your home or office : Select a background, plaque size/number of spots on the plaque (1, 12, 18, 24, 32, or 40) and add your headline plus up to 2 lines of additional text, logo, etc. We’ll send you your finished PlaqueMagic plaque, matching labels, and clear epoxy domes so you can get started on your recognition program right away.
  • Easy to Print : Print your text, apply the label directly onto the plaque and place the clear adhesive dome over the label for a professional, finished look!

The PlaqueMagic DIY program is really a game-changer, making it the perfect way to implement and maintain a successful award recognition program right from the comfort of your organization or even your home, wherever there is a printer!

Why PlaqueMagic? PlaqueMagic award and recognition plaques are a modern take on an old classic and they are definitely not your dated, brown, boring plaques of old. With PlaqueMagic, gone are the days of time consuming, expensive trips to the trophy store for engraving. PlaqueMagic plaques are truly in a league of their own for so many reasons! They are innovative, cost-effective, convenient, and most importantly, so easy to keep up. The backgrounds are vibrant, full color backgrounds and the digital graphics are reproduced with photo-lab quality dye sublimation inks, printed, and pressed onto a scratch, soil, and water-resistant metal plate.

From All Stars to Zookeepers, there is a Plaque Magic plaque for everyone!

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 10 × 13 in

1 Plate, 12 Plates, 18 Plates, 24 Plates, 32 Plates, 40 Plates, Companion Plaques/Program, Employee of the Month Program








Blue, Red, White


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