Plate Relocation System

Plate Relocation System

Get Competitive!

PlaqueMagic works great as a challenge board for competitive events where the placement of winners will vary from time to time. From sales performers competing for the best in sales to who ate the greatest number of hot dogs in a single setting; the use is unlimited.

Other uses might be:

Biggest loser in a given week for a weight loss center

Highest number of points in a dart championship

Greatest number of books read in a given period of time

Best score in a video game

The PlaqueMagic Difference!

Typically, personalized labels are adhered directly to the background. The Plate Relocation System includes 1″ x 3″ metal plates with a repositionable tape on the back allowing you to easily lift the plate off the plaque and relocate it to another spot. The plates can be repositioned over and over without losing their stickiness. Attach your personalized labels directly to the metal plate and place the clear adhesive dome over it for protection and to give it a professional finish. Let the challenge begin!

Price: $12.00 for 6 plates

Feel free to contact us to order at: (303) 799-8981