Plaques Over Time: A Look at Perpetual Plaques

Plaques are a timeless and effective way to recognize individuals or groups for their accomplishments. They serve as a tangible reminder of one’s achievements and provide a sense of pride and accomplishment. While plaques come in many shapes and sizes, one type of plaque that stands out is the perpetual plaque. 


Colorado Gold - Employee Appreciation - Sample Plaque    Road Warrior - Sales of the Month - Sample Plaque    Billiard Table - Pool Tournament Champions - Sample Plaque


Perpetual plaques are unique in that they allow for ongoing recognition of individuals or groups over an extended period. These plaques typically have a large header plate at the top, which displays the name of the award or organization. Underneath the header plate are smaller plates, which can be engraved with the names of award recipients or winners.


Versatility of Perpetual Plaques

The beauty of perpetual plaques is that they can be used for a variety of purposes. They are commonly used for employee recognition, sports teams, and academic achievements. For example, in the workplace, a perpetual plaque can be used to recognize the employee of the month or the salesperson of the year. In sports, a perpetual plaque can be used to track the winners of the annual tournament or championship. 

Perpetual plaques can also be used to recognize academic achievements, such as outstanding students or scholars. Schools and universities often use perpetual plaques to honor their top students, and these plaques can be updated each year to include the names of new honorees. 


History, Tradition, and Legacy

Another advantage of perpetual plaques is that they provide a sense of continuity and history. By tracking the names of award recipients over time, perpetual plaques can help create a sense of tradition and legacy. For example, in a sports tournament, a perpetual plaque can help create a sense of history and pride, as teams compete to have their name added to the plaque.


Cost-Effective Solution

Additionally, Perpetual Plaques are cost-effective. Name plates are often imprinted at a local engraving store at a cost of $10-$20 each. Another option is a plate labeling system created by PlaqueMagic. There is no cost for engraving, because you are using your own printer to create an impressive and distinctive label for your perpetual plaque. Once printed and placed on your plaque, a clear adhesive dome covers the label for a clean professional appearance. Go to to learn more.

Perpetual plaques are versatile, cost-effective, and provide a sense of continuity and history. This type of recognition system offers versatility for all industries and can be branded with your organization’s personalized logo. Whether it’s in the workplace, on the sports field, or in academia, perpetual plaques are a great way to honor excellence over time. 

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