No More Ugly Plaques

No More Ugly Plaques

Age-old perpetual plaques have needed an upgrade for years. PlaqueMagic is the new generation of multi-plated plaques. Stunningly beautiful, immediate recognition at your fingertips!

The Value of Recognition

For longer than I wish to admit, I have been in the business of providing all kinds of recognition products to businesses and associations from crystal awards to donor walls. As the owner of an award business, I have seen it all! Many companies put great thought and effort into their recognition and others could use a lift and perhaps some advice.

I don’t need to preach about the values of recognition. It’s obvious…people give back to an organization when they feel valued and appreciated. They often will stay at their job knowing that the company recognizes and acknowledges their good work.

Through the years, hundreds of perpetual plaques have passed through our doors to have a plate engraved….and often more than one plate because the customer is trying to catch up on past months or years that were neglected over time.

I get the idea naming it a perpetual plaque, but it does feel awkward to me and most people don’t know what it is. As a side note, I think it is more deserving of a better name…like an “Honors Plaque”.

What is a Perpetual Plaque?

For those who may not know what a perpetual plaque is, it is typically a brown board with multiple gold or black plates. It has been traditionally used as an employee of the month award, but sometimes used as listing of donors or accomplishments. Most every business has one and often the plaques look tired, the engraving is miss-aligned, or they are not kept up to date.

After seeing all these, quite frankly, ugly plaques, I gave some thought as to how to keep the same recognition concept but improve upon the plaque and ease of use. After all…most people appreciate public recognition. It just needs to look good!

With help from my team, we created a new and updated version of the old, abused perpetual plaque. We’ve created a plaque that is easy to maintain, it can be relevant in design to the industry it is serving, and the recognition is immediate…no trips to the engraver!!! It sounds quite magical really, and it IS! That’s why we named it PlaqueMagic!

You can see the magic at

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