In Real Life

U-Haul International

U-Haul International was one of the first companies to use PlaqueMagic starting in 2009. Each year the plaques are ordered to represent sales achievements on a monthly basis.

Their plaques are unique in that they have a large 16” x 20” “base” plaque for each of their three categories: hitch, box and propane. Each plaque is designed to have a representation of the three categories as part of the plaque. The hitch plaque has an actual hitch attached to it, the box plaque has a boxing glove pushing through a shipping box, and the propane plaque has a propane tank cut out and elevated off the plaque. The perpetual plaques are attached to the base plaque with Velcro and each year the plaque is replaced with the new current year.


Acosta recognizes the value of monthly recognition for their employees by hanging their plaques on a Wall of Recognition.

Arapahoe Bowling Center

Bowling centers across the United States use PlaqueMagic. Arapahoe Bowl, in Greenwood Village, Colorado has been using PlaqueMagic for many years recognizing their 300 bowlers, and 800 series bowlers. Their plaques are custom and were created to fit their needs for the multiple expert bowlers.

Arapahoe Bowl

Shamrock Foods

Shamrock Foods uses their monthly plaques for four categories: Selector, Loader, Day Associate and Night Associate of the month. Each plaque has its own representation of the specific recognition.

Shamrock Foods