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Use the images below to see all of the various ways that PlaqueMagic can be used! The choices are limitless!

Flight Attendant of the Month

Employee Appreciation

Salesperson of the Month

Golfing Hole in One

Pool Tournament Champions

Firefighters Fire Station

Medical Award of Excellence 

World Chess Champions 

Employee of the Month

Monthly Winners

Mechanic of the Month

Bookworm Book Club

Employee of the Month

Top Scores of the Month

Church Campaign Donors

Tech of the Month

EMS Award of Excellence

Exceptional Service Award

Firefighter of the Month

Thank You!

Officer of the Year

PlaqueMagic allows a company to choose from over 100 vibrant full-color backgrounds, both general and tied to particular themes. They can be customized with logos or other graphics. PlaqueMagic provide custom plaques options for employee appreciation, employee of the month, awards plaques, appreciation plaques, employee appreciation plaques etc.

It’s like a well-oiled machine. The customer starts out by designing to their hearts content, creating the plaque size and theme, and hitting submit. Plaque Magic takes over and builds the physical plaque(s), packages it up with printable blank labels and special clear domes to go over them, (and don’t forget instructions!) and mails the kit to the customer. Now the customer can update as quickly and easily as placing the labels in their printer, typing their information, printing the label, and sticking it on. Voilà, it’s magic! PlaqueMagic, to be exact.