Help – Using the Design Tool

Step One: Pick a plaque

Once you have selected your background and plaque size (number of plates) and have clicked “customize”, you will be taken to the Designer Tool. The first step is to select a plaque for your background. Click on any plaque image, you can then decide which one looks best to you.

Step Two: Add a header. (optional)

Some designs need a header because there are background graphics that might interfere with the personalization making it hard to read. By using a header, your personalization could stand out from the background.

Other plaques look great without a header, or even better than those with one.

The basic headers come in two shades of gray and two in gold. If you choose to add a header, you can move it and size it. Move it by clicking on the image and dragging your cursor (which will become two crossed lines with arrows symbol) to the top area of the plaque. Size it by dragging the single diagonal line with the 2 arrows in the bottom right corner.

Once a header is selected, a menu will appear on the left and you can click on any of the default color circles or play with expanded options on the rectangular color selector to pick from even more color options you may want. In addition, you can adjust the density or transparency of the header by sliding the Transparency Bar.

Step Three: Add text

To exit the header color options menu, click the “X”. Then click on the Add Text button on the left menu. Enter your text in the box and click the green button that says add text.

Your text will show up in the middle of the plaque. Drag your text to where you want it on the plaque. The text must have a box around it before you can move it. Place your mouse on the text and move it over the text until you see the cross lines with arrows on each end in the middle of the plaque. Then you can move the text by dragging the crossed lines symbol. Hint: There may be a delay before the box appears after clicking the text. You can size the plaque by dragging the single line with arrows located in the right bottom corner of the text box.

Text alteration:  Pick a text color.

Before you can make changes to the text, the text must be selected. Make sure that the text box is visible around the text by clicking on the text. You will then be able to make all edits to the text using the options on the left side of the tool.  To change the text color, click on the color button. Select a text color from the options on left-hand side.

When choosing a color, you can select from one of the default colors or pick any color you want from the color selector.

Text alteration:  Pick a font.

From the font list on the left-hand size, pick a font that works for your design.

Text alteration: Edit text.

There are many ways that you can edit your text. The most basic ways are to make the text bold, italicize it or underline it. Select “edit text” on the left-hand side for your options.  Play with the options, you will not hurt anything. Use the “Undo” button at the top of the page if you are unhappy with one of your choices. The worst that could happen is that you must start over. You can start over by clicking “Reset” under “Manage Design” in the horizontal orange menu bar at the top of the page.

Step Four: Add an embellishment (optional)

Click the “X” to exit the text area. On the left menu select Embellish. Various options will appear in categories. `Click the category that you want and then select the embellishment that you want to put on the plaque. You can size it and move it just like the text. The color of the embellishment cannot be changed.

Step Five: Add an image

Images from your computer can be added to the plaque. Logos, pictures, clipart, and symbols are just a few examples. The image must either be a jpeg or a transparent png file. Jpegs are less desirable because they often have a white box around the image. Png files are the best. If you are importing a picture, the file size should be less than 5MB.

Select “CLICK OR DROP IMAGES HERE” to add your image. Click on your image. Confirm that you have the rights to use the image (see terms of use). The image can be moved and sized the same way as the text.

How to change your design.

At any time, you can change your design by clicking on the image, text, or header. You can remove it by clicking the trash can on the lower left corner. You can duplicate any image by clicking the duplication symbol on the top left corner.

You can save your design for later by clicking Manage Design/Save in the top orange menu.

If you are happy with your plaque and finished customizing it, click “DONE” and you are on your way to check out!

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