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Reimagine Recognition!

Our kit includes everything you need to start a successful recognition and awards program. 

It couldn’t be any easier!

· Quick and hassle free

· No trips to the trophy store

· Immediate recognition

· Customize it yourself

Here are a few plaques we’ve specially created just for you!

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Make it a Recognition Program!

Imagine having an option where each recipient receives their own individual award to honor their achievement!
We make this simple and easy by upgrading your order to a Recognition Program.
You get (1) 12-plate plaque and (12) matching 8″x 6″ single-plate plaques to be presented to each recipient.
Your kit includes enough labels and domes for the entire program!

Number of Plates Plaque Size Price
1 Plated Plaque 8″ x 6″ $34.97
12 Plated Plaque 10″ x 13″ $119.97
12 Plated Plaque (Program) (1) 10″ x 13″ / (12) 8″ x 6″ $349.97
18 Plated Plaque 12″ x 15″ $139.97
24 Plated Plaque 12″ x 15″ $159.97
32 Plated Plaque 16″ x 20″ $179.97
40 Plated Plaque 16″ x 20″ $199.97

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