Do-It-Yourself Award Kits!

Do-It-Yourself Award Kits!

Your Do-It-Yourself Award Kit is waiting to be created!

How does it work? It’s a magical combination of your creativity, our technology, your ideas, our ideas, your program, and our ability to help you make it happen.

Who does what? We provide templates of backgrounds to choose from, and size options. You choose your background, your size, and add words and images (like your logo or other graphic). We produce the physical plaque with labels and instructions and ship the entire kit to you. You print your own labels, adhere to the plaque, and cover with the genius clear dome.

Voilà, it’s magic! PlaqueMagic, to be exact.

Perpetual Kit Package

Your PlaqueMagic Kit will include:

– A customized plaque created by you.
– Matching labels for personalization.
– Clear adhesive domes to give the plaque a finished and professional look.

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