Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Plaques
From the donut shop to the coffee spot, in the bistro, or at the bakery, our food and beverage plaques look good enough to eat (or drink) and they will look great displayed on the wall! Whether you want to applaud your team for serving up success or thank your baristas for brewing up business, the options and opportunities are endless.

Restaurant Plaques
Our restaurant-themed plaques allow you to go beyond traditional recognition. Display your top selling (or even your top secret) menu items or your daily specials. Let your patrons know you are the best of the best or show them your business hours…whatever you use it for, people will notice!

Wall of Fame Plaques
Our themed plaques are perfect for creating your own Wall of Fame. Shine a spotlight on your star servers, applaud your Employee of the Month, cheer for the recipient of the Best Bartender Award, or recognize the best of your business. Regardless of your reason for recognition, our PlaqueMagic plaques will stand out, just like your people do!

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