Apply Your Labels

Apply Your Labels

Step 1 - Find The Perfect Background


Select a person to recognize.

Step 2 - Choose The Size


Personalize the label using the following steps:

Step 3 - Customize it!


Applying the label and dome to the plaque:

1. Go to

2. Click on the download button
– Customize the template with your own text.
– Font and colors are your choice.
– The template lines will not show up in your final print.

3. Save your template to your computer after printing. Re-use this template each time you add labels.

4. Print.
– To ensure your text is formatted to the labels, first print a sample on plain paper. Match the sheet of plain paper to the labels by placing it on top of the sheet of labels and check that the printing is within each label’s edges.
– When satisfied with print location, print onto the label sheet. Feed the sheet as appropriate for your printer.
– If your printer gives the message “The margins of section 1 are set outside of the page. Do you wish to continue?” Choose Yes.

1. Place label on the space provided on the plaque. Rub or burnish the label when you are certain you have it aligned.
– Hint 1: If you are right-handed, align the left side of the label to the outlined area first before placing the entire label. If you are left-handed, start on the right side.
– Hint 2: Some people prefer to align the bottom of the label to the outlined area. Do what’s easiest for you.

2. Peel the dome from its backing, hold dome by the edges and place over the label on the plaque. Align the dome on the label in the same manner as applying the label.

3. Once aligned, gently rub the top of the dome to assure good contact with the label.