About Us

About us

Our Story

Award & Sign, the parent company for PlaqueMagic, opened for business in 1987 in Metro Denver, Colorado. Over the years, our brick and mortar location created thousands of perpetual plaques and tons of plates have been engraved.

As the years passed, we found that often a perpetual plaque was created and kept updated for a while, but then people quit using them or got so far behind that the plaque lost its meaning or purpose.

Sometimes customers complained about the overall cost of the plaque with engraving being too expensive. Sometimes people just let their award program fizzle because they didn’t want to take the plaque off the wall and tote it to the store to have the new names added.

Founder Sherry Armstrong had known for years that she wanted to create something new in the award industry. Something different. Something that was built on her knowledge of industry technology and her passion to celebrate people and their accomplishments. That day has come!

Plaquemagic Story

The Concept

Our story has roots in an industry that has been around for some time. Perpetual plaques have been used in companies for public recognition for decades. The Employee of the Month recognition programs originated in the late ’70’s from Gino’s Awards in Cleveland, Ohio.

Since the conception of the Employee of the Month plaque, people have used perpetual plaques for many reasons, from top sales achievements to recognizing who could eat the most hamburgers in a given time. Chili cook-off champions to heroes…the usage has been vast.

A New Idea

Introducing PlaqueMagic! PlaqueMagic is a perpetual plaque kit that is lower cost, full of creativity, easy to build, and even easier to maintain.

It is the perfect answer for companies and organizations looking to start a recognition program that reflects their brand and people. And, it accommodates the popularity of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects in today’s world.

PlaqueMagic allows a company to choose from over 100 vibrant full-color backgrounds, both general and tied to particular themes. They can be customized with logos or other graphics.

It’s like a well-oiled machine. The customer starts out by designing to their hearts content, creating the plaque size and theme, and hitting submit. Plaque Magic takes over and builds the physical plaque(s), packages it up with printable blank labels and special clear domes to go over them, (and don’t forget instructions!) and mails the kit to the customer. Now the customer can update as quickly and easily as placing the labels in their printer, typing their information, printing the label, and sticking it on. Voilà, it’s magic! PlaqueMagic, to be exact.

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