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PerpetualDIY Award Plaques

Our perpetual customizable plaques offer a myriad of possibilities, extending from the plaque itself to its nameplates. Whether you want to acknowledge one or up to forty-eight achievements on a single plaque, our solution stands out as a cost-effective choice without compromising on quality. From athletic leaderboards to employee recognition, these versatile customizable plaques cater to a diverse range of needs.

Visually Striking
Visually Striking
Countless Uses
Countless Uses
Cost Efficient Award Plaques
Customizable Award Plaques
Easy to Order Customizable Plaques
Easy to Order
Animated GIF showcasing the customization options available for firefighter plaques, these customizable plaques are perfect for honoring heroic firefighters with personalized engravings.

PlaqueMagic is flexible, beautiful, affordable and so well made. The seller is a fine group of people and you will love this product for many years to come.

The Opportunities are Limitless with Customizable Plaques

Whether you’re leveraging a plaque for one of the suggested applications or have a concept in mind, the potential with our customizable plaques is boundless–an array of possibilities are at your disposal.


Boost team morale by honoring team successes and individual achievements.


Inspire hard work in academics and athletics by displaying current standings.


From donors to volunteers, recognize those who are giving back to the community.


If you can't find what you're looking for or need assistance, then contact us today!

Customizable Plaques for Golf Clubs: Showcase club champions with customized engravings.
Customizable firefighter perpetual plaque featuring space for personalized engravings of firefighter achievements and recognition.
Customizable Valedictorian Plaque: Highlighting top achievers with personalized engravings.
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Customizable Plaques in 4 Easy Steps

Steps 1 for placing order for Award Plaques

Select a Size

Start by choosing from an array of sizes which are perfectly tailored to fulfill all your needs!

Steps 2 for placing order for Award Plaques
Click Customize

Once you’ve made your selection, simply click the big red ‘Customize’ button to continue!

Steps 3 for placing order for Award Plaques

Design It

Next, use our design tool to incorporate text, logos, headers, and more!

Steps 4 for placing order for Award Plaques

Save or Purchase

Lastly, you have the option to save a draft for future edits or proceed with your purchase!

Our plaques have been used to recognize over 80,231 people.

Chris Natzke
The graphics are vivid and vibrant, it allows you to immediately recognize your people, and it saves lots of time and money by bypassing constant engraving costs.
Alan Licano
Great way to customize your own plaque with your design!
Edward Lee
It was so easy and user friendly to build a plaque and we could even include our logo as part of it! Everyone in our group LOVED the way it looked
Vickie Thomas
PlaqueMagic is an amazing and unique product. I love the awesome variety of colorful and artistic plaques.
Rhonda Kelly
I bought a perpetual plaque in honour of my daughter for her school, it is just as beautiful as the picture. The format for adding names to it is super easy and the whole process of ordering and shipping was excellent.
Jimmy R
The number of plaques to choose from and fast turn around make this the quickest and easiest way to get awards needed.

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