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Do-It-Yourself Award Plaque Kits

No more trips to the trophy store. You design online, we build it and send you everything you need, including what you need to add plates in the future – hassle free!

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…an easy, creative way to make YOUR OWN recognition plaques!

Perpetual plaques, recognition programs, and changeable challenge boards, you can do it all here!

Plaques From A to Z

You’ll Be Amazed At How Beautiful The Completed Plaques Look!

Our plaque kits are designed to ensure you create a gorgeous plaque that your honored recipients will be proud to receive – and you’ll love the way it looks hanging in your office.

Browse our website to find the perfect plaque. The kit comes with everything you’ll need. You can even upload your own logo to the plaque to personalize it for your business. Start by selecting the number of plates on the plaque or choose from the most popular categories.

Get Started Now!

Through innovative artistry we provide the means to inspire, promote and honor achievements.

Step 1

Find The Perfect Background

Our customized plaques are available in dozens of backgrounds. Find the perfect background to get started.

Step 2

Choose the Size

All our plaques come in various sizes with multiple recognition plates. Find the right size and number of plates to fit your program.

Step 3

Add Your Own Logo And Words

Create your own unique plaque customized for your organization!

What is a “perpetual plaque”?

We’ve all seen them, we just may not have known they have a “real name.” That large piece of wood on the wall with dozens of little gold metal rectangles, some engraved with names and others left blank for future engraving. Yes, those things! They mark achievement, show appreciation, and encourage others who want their name on the wall someday. Whether employee of the month or winner of the annual BBQ contest, perpetual plaques provide a way to recognize others.

Recognition is IMPORTANT!

Everybody wants a little pat on the back sometimes. A high five, an attaboy (or girl), a gold star. Whether it’s a good citizenship award from elementary school, employee of the month, or high scorer in the local bowling league, we feel SEEN and VALIDATED when we receive recognition in the form of an award.

Awards are IMPORTANT!

Awards show us that we are valued. They provide public recognition for a personal achievement. An award says “YOU DID IT!”
Rolling Hills Plaque
Plaque Of Appreciation

Endless Possibilities

Our general recognition plaques can be customized for just about any occasion! The possibilities are endless!
Customizable Employee Appreciation

Celebrate Employees

Celebrate your employees by awarding them employee appreciation plaques, retirement recognition awards, and more!

Competition Ready

Have a challenge or a competition? With PlaqueMagic’s Plate Relocation System, your awards can get into the competitive spirit too!
Plaques Near Me

Celebrate Any Occasion

Our awards aren’t just for the workplace. Celebrate any occasion, honor, or achievement with a customized PlaqueMagic plaque!

Years of Service

Honor those whom have been with your organization by listing their years of service and special anniversaries.

Donor Recognition

As donations come into your organization, you can immediately recognize those whom have helped your cause.

Custom Plaques

Would you like to use your own background or a specific plate or label layout? No problem! We are eager to make your plaque just the way you want it.

Memorial Plaques

Memorialize fallen heroes, life-time contributors, leaders, and dedicated servers on PlaqueMagic.

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